When Lauren Finely, loses her high paying job in Toronto, she regretfully buys a winery in South Africa- only to find out that love, history and winemaking are all ENTWINED


A fish out of water dramedy about the quandaries of a few American expat women in Argentina.

Divorce Hotel

A dramedy where couples go to get a "hassle-free" divorce in a weekend.

How to Touch a Woman

A married woman jumps into a world of anonymous sex encounters, which lead her down a life-changing journey.

Jail Inc

A crime drama based on the lucrative and dirty business of private prisons in the US.

Wight Trash

Raw opium overdoses and brutal murders have suddenly ravaged the trailer park community of Deville, Louisiana. Rusty Wight gets sucked into a shady underworld as he tries to balance his conflictive family life and keep his near-bankrupt recycling plant afloat.

Diary of an Adulterous Woman


A desperate widow turns to bootlegging to make ends meet in the Prohibition era.

Feature Films


Set in a camp in Patagonia, Argentina, we witness a hypothetical dramatization about a brief encounter between naturalist Charles Darwin and the powerful Juan Manuel de Rosas, ca. 1832-1834, where the two men confront each other over faith, science, and politics- all while questioning the other's intentions.


Missing Person


A story about doing what’s right for the squad, the Kader, vs. doing what’s right for you

The Picture

Closed-off Ruth is drawn back to her native South Africa, where she is forced to face the ghosts of her identity and traumatic relationship with her mother.

Place of safety

The Farewell Journey

Rattlers creek